Updates: Braindump Edition

 The title says it all.  This is just where I'm at with life and surviving, but I feel like our family is doing A-OK lately.  So, to sum it up all the "realms" I thought it would be fun to bring in a classic: Bridesmaids to up the excitement from the past few months.

At home, the kids are fully developing their psychotic personalities in the weirdest ways.  If you follow us on Instagram (@fargoquads) you see on my stories the chaos that is our house and how we have fully embraced what they need their surroundings to look like, feel like, and handle -- which is not exactly picture perfect.  

I get it, no one expects my house to look like a museum or magazine cutout, but I think every mom or parent wants to hide what's really happening in their space.  You guys all know that you've taken a video or picture after shoving EVERYTHING out of the frame!  Or take the photo, realized what is in the background, then decide that the outside world can never see that content.  There are only a few people that have been granted this insight into our world and I AM OVER IT.  

I refuse to hide the mess they make and the fact that I would rather play with them after breakfast than immediately cleaning up granola bar crumbs.  So, if this makes you at all uncomfortable -- unfollow -- but I hope it gives other parents a touch of comradery...and non-parents some free birth control if needed!

Quarantining has probably enhanced this "I don't give an F" attitude, but it is incredibly freeing to know that strapping a Go Pro onto a quad can totally be done before deep cleaning all the spaces they might wander.  Seriously, this is what brought it about.  I want to do it, but I didn't want someone seeing that Little People figures have been under the kitchen table, under the couch, trapped behind the toilet, etc., for weeks, which means I haven't done more than vacuum around these little buddies for that entire time. Just accept it and move on...

At work, Erich is currently trying to adjust to having all in-person extracurricular activities put on hold for a month.  As a full-time swim coach, this is essentially his entire profession, so being flexible in what that might look like in a virtual realm.  He doesn't like change, but he is doing a great job accepting what he can't change and making sure to put his athletes first. Getting him to adapt to change is a freaking heavy lift.

Work for me has shifted a bit, too.  I was teaching 7th- and 8th-grade science and put together a proposal for a new position to be started at my school to address the issue of overwhelmed teachers having to balance "virtual-only" students with their hybrid* schedule.  Teachers were having to split their time for ALL THE THINGS and it wasn't manageable to a certain degree.

To all teachers:

So, I presented a plan to "take on" all of the virtual students and take as much as I could off of teachers' plates. This is what it felt like...

...just putting myself out there and accepting whatever happened next.

My administrators listened (AHHHH!) and we have built a nice bandaid on the situation for the time being...for lack of a better term. It has morphed into a land full of coordinating task lists, meetings, and general reassuring that students and teachers are doing the best they can.  Luckily, I work with a group of teachers that have accepted me invading their classes and time with zero hesitation.  It's an art, really...even though some days it feels like I've overcommitted.

Overall, I always plan to "do more," but here I sit saying this is as good as it's going to get trying to get back on the map and form some sort of habit writing.

Up next -- Updates: Kid Edition

*We currently have students attending school 2 days per week, then virtually working from home the other 3 weekdays.