Ultrasound Update

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Week 25's ultrasound was kind of a snoozefest compared to previous weeks...even Baby C was unimpressed...

The issue was that ALL 4 were facing my spine, so picture taking was near-impossible beyond all of the organs and blood flow checklist items.  The only exciting photo was when Babies B, C, and D started their own Brain Trust* meeting right above my belly button.  We did nickname Baby A "The Favorite" -- probably didn't help it fit in...

It's OK if your immediate thought was "What does that look like?"  I can't quite figure it out.  On one hand, there's a whole peach-type thing going on, but then I second-guessed it due to all the random other limbs coming into play.  Maybe a better game would be Find the Ear! -- the first in a whole line of ultrasound picture game as things become extremely more cramped in the upcoming weeks!

To liven up this mini-post, please allow me to share some quotes heard over the course of 3-minutes in my 8th-grade science class a few weeks ago that I jotted down in-the-moment:

Interaction #1:

Student: I wish I had a boyfriend.

Me: Why?  

Student: So I can steal his sweatshirts, but they have to be taller than me so that they fit.

I mean...we do live in ND...and at least she's got valid standards.

Interaction #2:

Student: If I pee my pants, can I go home?

Me: If I do...can I?

Interaction #3:
[Scene: Preparing for a STEM project challenge and getting the details hammered out.]

Student: Can we bring paint?


Student: Yes! We can do the chicken!

Interaction #4:

Student: If you put electrical tape around your phone, would it charge on its own?

*The "Brain Trust" is a tri-daily meeting event from the show Scrubs -- classic!  More info here.

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