The 9-Month Episode

This month's therapy goal (more on this eventually) was to get back to blogging!  Don't act like you didn't miss us.  They are bigger, moving, and don't give a shit about the rules on what should be put in their mouths.

The Squad

Quad A -- Virgil

Moving status: Textbook crawling, pulling himself up on knees
Size percentile: 17th
Teething status: 2 bottom teeth, no sign of top
Best friend: Kit [because she didn't move for the longest time, so no competition]
Frienemy: Ruby [competitor]
Best: Adventurer, a.k.a. Crawler
Quirks: Underbite grin that can break a mirror, needy as shit, hardcore FOMO 24/7

Fave spot in the house: Wherever we are [see "needy as shit" and "FOMO"]

Quad B -- Ruby

Moving status: Janky crawling*, pulling herself up to standing
Size percentile: 6th
Teething status: 2 bottom teeth, 4 top teeth #overachiever
Best friend: Mom [she monster trucks over all the other babes]
Frienemy: Virgil [competitor]
Best: Communicator, a.k.a. Yeller [I blame the teeth]
Quirks: Convinced that yelling is the most positive way of communication and gets results
Fave spot in the house: Side of the toilet in the bathroom where she can play with the screw cover


Quad C -- Jax

Moving status: Slow-paced blob destroyer
Size percentile: 51st
Teething status: 2 bottom teeth and the promise of giant buckteeth on the front-end that are begging to breakthrough
Best friend: Virgil, Kit, and Ruby
Frienemy: Ruby [she fights back]
Best: Cuddler
Quirks: Mouthbreather to the extreme, gets himself into some precarious situations that he can't get himself out of without adult assistance
Fave spot in the house: Little Tikes trampoline [I'm sure he feels like a king]

Quad D -- Kit

Moving status: New to the crawling game as of last week
Size percentile: 1st [there's no longer a "<" sign, so we're psyched!]
Teething status: 2 bottom teeth and comfortable
Best friend: Virgil
Frienemy: Jax [he climbs over her face most often]
Best: Eater
Quirks: Observing has made her "street smart," the only one that digs the pacifier
Fave spot in the house: In the Skip Hop Activity Center #notanad [to see her kingdom from above where no one can crawl across her tiny body]

*There's a stanky-leg situation going on that cannot be described accurately with words.
**There are less pictures of this beauty due to her negative attitude.  Eventually, we had to quarentine her negatively in the corner with a blanket and pacifier for a reset.