Roses & Thorns: Part 1

Parenting has its ups and downs.  Duh.  There's no bigger feat than pushing out a human being, helping it survive, and going through all the milestones of growth -- the good, the bad, and the ones that need an IV bag full of wine on-hand the entire time.

So, here's a fun game called "Roses and Thorns."  Anyone that has engaged in a pre-teen team building activity has done this list-making game, so let's list-make parenting.  For a fun twist, I am going to think of these items with about a 20-second window so they are truly authentic "Roses and Thorns" responses, since every time I've played I am always sitting next to the person that starts.

Rose: The Shusher App
Inconsolable babies are no match for this beautiful creation. 

Blared at full volume, I have no doubt it could take down all 4 quads at once if I unleashed its power.  Plus, there's a timer, so I can park my phone next to any baby and head off to dreamland myself!

Thorn: I'm hungry.
Here is something that won't surprise anyone -- I forget to eat breakfast, or really anything, until around 11:00 am every day.  Our morning is so focused around siphoning coffee into our mouths while feeding offspring that I completely forget until my stomach proceeds to feed on itself in a white-hot rage.

Here's why this is important: I LIKE TO EAT & I'M A MONSTER WHEN I DON'T.

For a reference, I'm not someone who is "cold all the time."  That's a ridiculous statement in my world.  Don't get me wrong, I know plenty of ladies who definitely say and mean this statement -- if you carry a cardigan everywhere or wear your winter jacket October-May every year, this is you -- but I just can't relate.  So, when people ask, "How are you really doing?"  I have to hold back on going off on a tangent about how hungry I am all the time and how sick I am of eating random Nutrigrain granola bars since it's totally not what they are asking about.

Rose: StoryBots
StoryBots is such a godsend -- catchy, entertaining songs accompanied with information that is right up Elsie's alley.  It's what has finally gotten her to recognize other colors than yellow and pink.  Season 1, Episode 3 of Super Songs is my JAM.  Here's a little taste:

Also, this song is in my head 90% of my day:

Along with the show True, these gems have given me the chance to wash bottles, change diapers, and eat food without a meddling toddler at my hip!  Ever had a toddler help change an infant diaper?  Of course not, because that would be INSANE.

Thorn: Baby Hands
Yes, they are fun sized...that's not my complaint.  It's the fact that they are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. All clammy and balled up they collect more lint and hair than my dryer lint catcher.

Rose: Naked Babies
I live for the moments when a baby needs a quick wardrobe change and you can snuggle them while they are still warm as you pick them up for the transfer to clean clothes.  Makes me pause every time.

Thorn: Poop Talk
My husband and I already had a marriage that was comfortable with talking about poop.  However, when you add in talking about your offspring's poop it takes it to a whole new level.  Talking about 4 babies pooping and the toddler potty training is just madness...

Rose: Pacifiers
All 5 of my children take pacifiers!

How many roses and thorns can you come up with in under 5-minutes?  Guaranteed there will be WAY more, so stay tuned for this multi-part series!