PICTUREMANIA: The Newborn Episode

Let's just smack that sucker down right off the bat, shall we?*  I find it hard to put into words my absolute OBSESSION with this photo, so I won't try.

By now you know that I worship the ground that Taylor of Taylor Jane Photography walks on, so I think it's safe to skip the full-blown shrine and just go with...

But seriously, this girl has got TALENT!  Check out all of these beautiful photos that she crushed -- along with some snuck in updates on how the babes and Elsie are doing!

Here's a challenge for you -- can you name the babes?

[Ashley of Ashley Oberholtzer Photography did this lovely image and the adorable hats!]

Any NICU family recognizes these beauts!

These are called "Bravery Beads" and represent milestones that each babe underwent while in the NICU; i.e. blood draws, head ultrasounds, etc.  Many of the quads' beads are red for blood draws due to their sugar problems with the donor milk they were given at the start, so it's a great reminder that of all the problems they could've faced that was the only consistent obstacle.

I haven't quite figured out what to do with the strings now, so if anyone has some insight on displaying them in a nursery please shoot me a message!

Quad A -- Virgil Erich

Virgil is rocking it!  He is steadily gaining weight and...that's about it!  He is the loudest when it comes to sucking down food and has been smiling like a cutie-patooty for about a week now.  Doesn't it make your heart melt?

Quad B -- Ruby Bridget

Ruby has had a little bit rougher time.  Her SVT (heart condition) is being managed beautifully with the meds and our latest cardiology appointment went wonderfully.  All signs point to her making improvements, but she will have to continue on the medication until her first birthday.

The struggle has been with her eyes not developing appropriately and showing severe R.O.P.**, which led her ophthalmologist to make the call to do surgery.  So, she had a "laser ablation to the peripheral retina for severe R.O.P." this morning and is recovering wonderfully!  

The surgery should prevent any future complications, but only time and multiple follow-ups will determine if it was 100% successful.

Other than the medical mess, Ruby is stinkin' adorable with some major snorts and distinct cries due to her tongue always being plastered to the roof of her mouth.

Quad C -- Jax Aaron

Jax is a freaking tank [compared to the other three] -- I'm guessing he's close to, if not over, the 10-pound threshold, which makes us pause for a hot second when we pick him up after holding one of the girls.  Jax even lasted in the sit-me-up for a solid 3-minute span before his forehead kamackazied into the front bar...and cool your jets, I caught it.

In case your wondering, Jax still stares like he gets royalty payments from making people uncomfortable.

I'm not joking.  He's on the verge of being a creep.

Quad D -- Kit Jessalyn

This little squirt just needs to gain weight.  Her last doc appointment had her pegged for the 3rd percentile, which isn't the end of the world considering her start, but we'll still focus on making progress in the upcoming weeks.

Other than that, Kit is having some trouble with her ears.  She had failed her hearing test in the NICU on one side, and at the follow-up appointment this week, she failed it in both ears.  The lovely technician predicts it's all due to fluid in her ears, which our family knows all-too-well due to her sister's track record.  Elsie has had 15+ ear infections so far and she's not even two-and-a-half.

This would also explain why Kit can go into a random fit of screaming like a banshee.  Her cry cuts like a knife through my brain that I never thought possible.  She's lucky she's cute.  More testing will be done in July, so hopefully we get some answers soon!

The Toddler -- Elsie Kate

Elsie has become a bonafide mama bear.  Even I hesitate messing with her babes!

We have completed the initial potty training transition, so now it's all about the practice and mastering the skills.  I will get some of my resources, tips, and tricks listed out in a post ASAP mostly for future reference...remember, I have to do this all over again TIMES FOUR.

Anyways, these beautiful ladies rocked the newborn photo shoot, and I want to make I point out that it was all done PRO BONO!! They did it out of the kindness of their hearts and [I'm assuming] the challenge!  Thank you, ladies!

*Props by Puddy Pad Designs.
**The word "detached" was tossed around a few too many times for my comfort, so I skipped on getting to know the condition in-depth.  We've all got a heebie geebie line and I was about to cross mine if I went too far into my basic Google search.