What that?: Kitchen Island Episode

In one of the previous posts, I played the "What that?" game with our coffee table.  It was a tish therapeutic to run through what was housed on the surface since it made me acknowledge how long some of the items had been there, so let's try our luck on the current state of the kitchen island!

Glorious people have entered our home in the past few weeks, and many more will follow.  I have made it a point to not apologize for any mess -- muddy paws, dirty dishes, or clutter.  It's been one of the worst feelings since hospitality and North Dakota niceness come hand-in-hand....but I'M. NOT. DOING. IT.  We are taking in time with our toddler outside [regardless of our numerous attempts to drag her in when necessary], making a few homecooked meals when we can, and doing all that we can to drink in the early months with the quads before they are on-the-move and beyond the "blob"-stage.  So, cleaning and organizing are just not on the priority list.

Basically, I just like to assume that people entering our home know that we are unapologetically living in our living space as it was intended.

With that, let's take a look at our kitchen island:

Right off the bat, I should tell you that little diddy at the end of the counter is a pure back saver!  It is a kitchen helper for Elsie, so all those times when she wanted to "help" and get a better view, we are set!  Honestly, for the longest time, we had a cheap baby gate zip-tied to the back portion so that she couldn't fall out.  We gave up holding her at the counter in our arms super early-on, so it was deemed an easy fix hack!

  • Wubbanubs are a godsend that cannot be ignored.  They are sprinkled EVERYWHERE in our home, cars, all bags, and probably the backyard at this point.
  • That assorted pile of papers used to only be "Thank You To-Dos" that I would conquer once-a-week.  My system was flawless until 2 babies were home, then it kind of fell apart to the degree of people now messaging me to make sure that we received their card/package/message.  I need to hop back on the horse and get back to having control over this realm.
  • Also in the paper pile are medical bills and receipts that I need to put through FLEX or hang on to for the day that we finally get our Medicaid approved...
  • Obviously, Elsie is honing in on her coloring skills and we keep revisiting coloring pages until they are deemed perfect to send off to unsuspecting recipients to admire.  Yep, I take these masterpieces and ship them off to random households so that I can write a "stage 3 thank you," instead of a "stage 6."*
  • A muffin and ice cream scoop that was served to me mid-morning while video chatting with my younger sister...not before the ice cream scoop was sucked on a bit.  The video chatting is key because I was too distracted to remember that I saw her nibbling on it...

  • See those coupons that look like Monopoly money?  If you are a mom of multiples**, shoot me a message on Instagram (@FargoQuads) and I'll get you hooked up with the spreadsheet to send requests to companies.  My momma worked HARD putting this working document together, so she wants to make sure it's used!
  • A mailer for a gift I meant to send to my younger sister weeks ago.
  • Target dollar aisle kid sunglasses are spread just as far and wide as pacifiers.  Just like bobby pins and hair ties -- ridiculous amounts surround you when they are not needed, then nowhere to be found when they are.  The twist is that the toddler ends up throwing a complete hissy fit if they are not found, so the stakes are a little higher than bobby pins.
  • Spider plants that I harvest on the DL.  The original parent plant was left behind when my parents moved into their house and I've been reaping the free little gifty poos since!  That's right.  Yet again I have found a way to get out of putting extra time, money, and effort into a task!

  • I collect all things plastic in my house and reuse about 40% -- kid flower pots, school projects, etc.  The rest sit on our counter for all eternity.
  • Scotcheroos from a lovely family that dropped off food not too long ago!  OK, maybe it was a long time ago... but only they know how long we've been working on these!
  • A letter denying our SSI application.

  • Last, a bag from Target that I brought home at least 3 days ago.  I'm not the only one that avoids putting stuff away, right?  Laundry and non-refrigerated groceries also fit into this category.
  • Not pictured: The cantaloupe that I forgot about and procrastinated cutting up.

*Stages are categorized by timeliness, length, and details.  Lower the stage, the fewer details, and length.  
**I'm not sure if singleton families can make requests, but why not try if you're willing to put in the effort?  Write them a love letter and take the chance!