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*winky face emoji*

Whelp, they are all home!  There's a lot of adjusting taking place.  I would say 90% is easy to manage, especially since the babes are sleeping a LOT.  But yet I'm still like...

I think it's best our current situation is explained through the FAQs [and comments] that we have been responding to -- some legit and some ridiculous -- while tacking on some tasteful Michael Scott gifs.

Is it nice having them all home together?

Having to manage my time between two to three separate locations made me feel like I had dropped off my kids at 5 different houses throughout Fargo.  We survived the juggling -- mostly thanks to the delicious giant monster cookies at the hospital -- because that's just what you do.

Are you getting any sleep at all?
What the hell do you think?

I asked Erich to tell me what people have been asking or saying to him.  He immediately gave me these two gems for material:

Said to my husband: "You don't look tired at all."
Also, after the first night, this was said to him: "Oh, I thought you'd look way more tired!"

Note: No one has said either of these two statements to me.  I like to assume that he always looks like a vampire hermit who has a garbage face, so of course sleep deprivation looks normal on him.  It makes me feel better.  Sure, it makes me a crappy wife, but I can't have it together in all areas of my life at once.

Sleep now while you can!
Shut your stupid face mouth and get me a glass of wine.

Are you going to breastfeed now that they are out of the hospital?
What is wrong with you?  Diaper changes are now considered quality bonding time with each kid.  Not to mention, mama is out of milk!

The first 72-hours killed my supply.  I didn't view pumping as a priority, so my supply [that was tiny at-best] dwindled to nothing.  Sure, I could work to get it back...but at what cost?

Speaking of cost...

We are STILL waiting on receiving assistance for formula.  If you make "too much money" according to the county, you have to qualify for SSI, then the county, then you can gain WIC benefits.  At what point did the salary of a public school teacher and the hourly wage of a YMCA swim coach become "too much" to get help for quadruplet newborns!?

We go through 1-can of Neosure every 36 hours.
They are only going to eat more as time goes on.
There's only so many spend $100 for $20 back Target opportunities one woman can conquer!

We eventually will be able to switch to our normal beloved Costco Kirkland brand formula, but no telling when that will happen...

Let me know when you need help!
Does 3 A.M. work for you?

What do you do when they all cry at the same time?

It's only happened once.  At the previously stated 3 A.M.  It was the worst...or it definitely would've been if the toddler had chimed in.

Will you guys have more kids?
How dare you...even think that unspeakable action out loud.

Most would say that it's none of your business.  I say, who cares!

The doc definitely took care of that little diddy of a possibility while I was filleted open.  I'm sure at some point I will think that having just one more would be easy-peasy, but that's just not in the cards for us.  That's what I have friends for!  I shall live vicariously through #babiesofinstagram for all eternity.

How are you doing?
Mentally, perfect.  *winky-face kissing emoji with a heart*
Physically, my body is craving exercise that it cannot handle anytime soon.

Right now, I just need to get outside for one hour a day.  Whether it's taking Elsie to daycare, cleaning out the garage, going for a walk, going to Target, or chasing Elsie down the street with one of these:

I consider it prepping the neighbors for all the noise and over-stimulation that will occur when the quads start playing outside.  Never can start too early!

Plus, the nursery is located in our basement and is functioning like a well-oiled machine of keeping-babies-alive-ness.  It's also a dungeon containing cute babies where one can easily go to a dark place of crazy after a couple hours.

I easily enter a Netflix and Hulu vortex that cannot be easily broken.  Sure, there are cute babies, but one can only be entertained by squeaks, grunts, and farts from cribs for so long before I lose it a little.  Otherwise, I start to do unnecessary things like laundry, putting away toys and cleaning bathrooms.

Here's a fun game to give you some insight into my TV show selections so far [beyond The Office] -- NAAAME THAAAT SHOWWW!

"At what size does a cup become a bucket?"
"Beyonce pad Thai"
"I don't weigh anything! I'm like a cloud!"
"What if it comes out in all the glue I've ever swallowed?"
"Let's dance in a little sky..."
"Pickle Rick!"
"Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts."

Shoot me a message on Instagram if you have any must-see show suggestions!

PS: I'll give a baby update on the next post!


  1. So glad you are all home under one roof. Routine will come with time and babies growing up a bit. Remember you will be pros at diapering soon. With about 45 diapers a day, you should hit the first 1000 in no time--like by Memorial Day. LOL Enjoy your family and just breathe.

  2. Sally, you (as always) make me giggle with your posts. The ridiculous questions will continue, long past what might be expected. (I'm still asked if my boy-girl twins are identical, how close in age they are by strangers, wow, you must be busy, etc.) Life will be chaos, but you will find a way to make it organized chaos. I'm so happy to hear you have everyone home.

    With the twins, I was a zombie for a year, so I can only imagine how you are doing. You have so many people cheering you on, so reach out and lean on all of us. I'm sure that's massively helpful knowledge at 3am.
    Keep on keeping on! :)


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