PICTUREMANIA: The 1 Month Episode

While watching the latest Modern Family, my mind was put into a tailspin...

[No spoilers, I promise.]

One of the scenes had dogs barking at a doorbell.  This made me realize that we will not have the "luxury" of quiet after the doorbell rings for a really long time due to our 2 dogs: Jack and Vern.

Erich then started talking about how we will probably have dogs until we are around our parents' age, but then we discussed how it might be nice to take a few years off to be able to travel without the guilt of leaving a dog at home.

This is when reality came SMASHING down.  Half of my parents' travel involves visiting my two sisters' families...we now have 5 children...if you have an "enjoyable" childhood, you are more than likely going to want kids yourself...our kids are going to LOVE us and clearly have a great upbringing...duh...which means a LOT of grandkids to visit when we are older.

We are only 1 month in and I'm already questioning our travel plans into retirement.  It's risky business that ultimately leads to a glass of wine every time.  Where is Erich's head in all this?  Totally calm, cool, and collected.  His type-Z personality is a blessing and a curse in these times...

Speaking of 1 month, the lovely Taylor of Taylor Jane Photography joined me to bring the babes together for their birthday!*  So, let's get to the videos and pictures, shall we?  The outfits were made and given to us by Oh So Vera, which you can find on Etsy HERE!

Here was the set-up:

A quick reference:

Did you get it right?  Don't worry.  Even seasoned veterans have struggled!

Again, the whole experience was extremely surreal!  I can't wait to have them home to snuggle together ALL. THE. TIME.

Let PICTUREMANIA: The 1 Month Episode BEGIN!



Taylor, girl...

Again, if you haven't already you NEED to follow Taylor Jane Photography on Facebook and Instagram!

*I should probably point out that Taylor does all of these photoshoots pro bono -- a.k.a. out of the straight-up kindness of her sweet, beautiful heart!  She has become a staple in our lives, so look forward to her photos gracing your eyes for years to come!


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