NICU Update [Day 31]

We are THAWING OUT, people!  The snow is disgustingly nasty with dirt, which can only mean one thing: SPRING IS HERE!  We've been outside every day annoying the neighbors with this popper getting them prepared for the nagging noise the quads will bring.

We were excited for the chance to let the dog-poop-invested backyard dry out...until this headline from yesterday.


The only cure is babies.  Lots of babies.  Luckily, I've got that.

This totally happened in the past week!

Know what else has happened?

Babies getting together...TWICE!  Hate that it took me this long?  Hop on over to Facebook to "like" Taylor Jane Photography!  She posts all of our pictures instantly compared to me!  Follow her page HERE.

Here was round one:

Need a guide?  She's got you covered there, too!

To get them all set, we brought the boys over to the girls' room since they are gentlemen whether they like it or not.

Obviously, not Taylor's shot below.  It was crazy to see all the wires and hearing all of their machinery [in travel size] giving off alarms and random beeping all at once. 

Taylor's photo for comparison:

Yeah.  She's the best and keeps me from massive embarrassment.  You should see all the "primo shots" I have on my phone right now.
Back to the good stuff...

Remember when Jax took up all the space in the womb?  Think Ruby was a little PO'ed to be stuck by the big guy, again, in her own crib?

It was SO surreal to see them all in one room, let alone one crib!

I couldn't help but get some videos of the "encounter" as it was going down, too!

Here are some individual updates* -- but I will get heights and weights soon-ish**.

Quad A -- Virgil Erich
Medical Update: Is working on eating from a bottle and is so handsome I can't stop staring at his beautiful face!  He is our "squeaker" and is constantly making noise when he eats.  When you pick him up, his legs automatically curl up and he becomes an adorable hedgehog.

Erich hasn't been feeling great, so he went to bed early last night -- which meant I was free to sneak up for a date night with the boys!

It's hard to imagine a time when I can just pull them out of their crib to cuddle whenever I want...while watching Netflix and avoiding laundry, bottle washing, and all other responsibilities...and everyone else in the world.

Quad B -- Ruby Bridget
Medical Update: Ruby needs major work in the eating department so far.  Anyone that has worked with a preemie bottling knows that it can be frustrating, and Ruby is by no means the worst, but she's the most challenging of my 4 monkeys.  I'll get someone to take a picture of what position our hands have to be in to get some milk siphoned down her throat.  It looks like a c-clamp would do the same job.
She's also our resident crier, but it's the sweetest thing and only lasts about 30-seconds!  ...for now.

Quad C -- Jax Aaron
Medical Update: I fed Ruby before Jax and it made him seem GINORMOUS!  He has multiple chins now! I like to refer to him as "husky" -- seems adorably big, right?  Jax also makes major eye contact every time, which could end up being a problem if he turns out to not be as freaking cute as he is right now...

Quad D -- Kit Jessalyn
Medical Update: Kit is also just trying to conquer the bottling world, because SHE'S IN A CRIB!

She's just so laid back about it all!  Meanwhile, I was freaking psyched!

Also, she was wearing *THE BEST* sleeper!

*heart eyes emoji*

Kit finally embraced the change like the mean boss lady she is!

Last, these guys turned 1-month old yesterday!  We celebrated by having a photoshoot party with one of our BFF's -- Taylor -- so stay tuned for some magical shots later this week!  [Like her Facebook page to see them sooner -- *winky face emoji*]

Another hint***...

...and another!

*Even some of these photos were taken/edited by Taylor.  I promise it was not done under any hostage situation or with any blackmailing involved.  Love you, girl!
**Soon-ish, a.k.a. when I remember.  Stop judging me.
***Actual places they were hours before they were on the outside!


  1. They are just the cutest things! Im 29w pregnant and they give me baby fever so bad!


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