That's right, people!  Gear up for some adorable photos, names, and deets on the Fargo Quads!  I'll do my best to keep things short, sweet and entertaining -- but real talk: I'm IN FREAKIN' LOVE!!

All of these photos are provided by Taylor Jane Photography, who is officially one of my new best gal pals!  She did our amazing maternity photo shoot, which we'll pull some photos from soon, too!  Love you, girl!!

Anyways, I'll stop yacking about my new love obsessions and get on with introductions!

Here are just some quick action shots:

I was making fun of Erich up until the OR room doors - no surprise there.

Check out how many bracelets we have associated with us!  The only downfall is after you shower, you can't get the skin dry under there for at least an hour - pet peeve realized!

I will post more about the amazing Sanford Medical experience that we had yesterday in a later post, I feel like you are all reading for one reason at this point...

Now Introducing...

Quad A - Virgil Erich Richardson - "The Favorite"
"Virgil" comes from my maternal grandfather who I followed around constantly up on their farm, and "Erich" is from a family tradition on Erich's side to give the first born boy their name.
Born at 3:33 pm -- 2 lbs. 14 oz.
As promised, he immediately peed and set the scene!

Quad B - Ruby Bridget Richardson - "The Inmate"
"Bridget" is my middle name, which I inherited from my paternal grandmother.
Born at 3:36 pm -- 3 lbs. 4 oz.
She has been the loudest while in recovery and making herself known -- ATTAGIRL!

Quad C - Jax Aaron Richardson - "The Model"
"Aaron" comes from Erich's brother who passed away, so continuing the family tradition as much as we can.
Born at 3:34 pm -- 3 lbs. 7 oz.
I immediately made this little guy mad when I went to visit earlier this afternoon...the cries are heartbreaking, but I was reassured that it was a good sign of lung development!  Still...

OMG.  My mother was the absolute CA-UTEST...

Quad D - Kit Jessalyn Richardson - "The Gymnast"
"Jessalyn" is a combination of my older sister's first and [original] middle name, Jessica Lynn.
Born at 3:38 pm -- 2 lbs. 5 oz.
She was the smallest, but boy she is on the lowest level of breathing support out of all 4 and has the highest level of hemoglobin overall.  She's a fighter!

She finally unfolded and DAANNNNGG, girl!

All babes are on CPAP after 3 were on breathing tubes following birth, their hemoglobins are rock solid for now, and they all will start getting fed today!  I'm up and moving around with no issues, so we are counting all of our lucky stars and loving all of the messages of positivity that we are getting.  Our family of 7 is happy and healthy!

Last, can I just point out that all this went down on International Women's Day?


  1. 😍😍😍😍 You rock!!! I love them all so much!!!

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  3. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I'm so in love with these precious little ones. Thinking of you all as you enjoy your family of 7. Elsie is has the best job ever as big sister to these 4 cuties!

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  10. Way to go mom! Your babies are amazing little people to bless your family along with all those they will meet along the way! I love getting to read your posts and seeing their pics bring back memories of when my sis had her quads 14 years ago! Much love to you all!

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