Hospital Update [Day 4]

Not much has changed in the last 36-48 hours, except that it's sounding more-and-more like I'm under lock and key here.  The hardest part for me is knowing that I have felt like this for the past month, so I have no doubts that I could go home and do laundry, work on the nursery, pack an honest attempt at a hospital bag, hang out with Elsie and the dogs and not have any problems.

Unless my water broke...

...but I guess that's where we are at!

I'm going to talk to the doc again next week if things still are stable to see if I can just be under a watchful eye 24/7 and be good to break out of here.  I imagine the conversation containing a lot of "yeah, buts..." from both sides, along with some mind control + major whining combo on my end!

Up to this point, it's been more of an "acceptance" mindset that I've had being stuck here, so the reaction has been more along the lines of this:

...but my tantrum side is getting a little more aggressive and spicier as the hours at up.

I'll keep you posted.

Other than that, I had a visitor last night that MADE MY WEEK: ELSIE!

The amazing nurses wasted no time spoiling her with attention and prizes for coming in!  I'm not going to even pretend like it wasn't extremely hard having her come for the hour that she was here knowing that I wasn't going to get to take her home, but we tried to make the best of it.

Here's a little snippet of the adventure we went on so you can get a taste of her personality:

Our bug is adorable and is at that stage where she is picking up on words like nobody's business -- which is why I need to start cleaning up my language STAT.  My last little Elsie brag is that she is super quirky and weird, which makes my heart melt every time!  

Like for example, this scenario that happened last night:

I just can't.  She's so weird and all mine.

Other than that, there's really nothing new to report.  If you're looking for something to do and have a few minutes, feel free to take part in the online baby pool!  The site that we are using doesn't recognize quadruplets as a possibility, so we did 2 separate twin pools to make it work.  Make sure you fill them both out -- we are going to combine the scores to decide the winner!

HINT: If you follow @FargoQuads on Instagram, I dropped some hints in my story of the current hunches that have come in so far!  I will do it again later today!


  1. i am Marie, your Moms' cousin from Ontario. I must say you have done wonderful to get to this point of a quad pregnancy without "hospital time". As the subject of a weak cervix I was in hospital for 4 months to be able to bring my son home and, 6 years later, in for 3 months to bring home my daughter. It is very hard, and mind numbing, to lay in hospital for all that time but they are worth every second. Give little A B C & D every chance you can for them to get just a little bit more "cooked" in there. You sound like a wonderful, energetic young lady, but sometimes you just have to relax. Wish I lived closer so i could know you.

    1. Thanks, Marie! I wish you lived closer, too! Thank you for all the positive thoughts, words, and sharing your story. It's so much easier to relate to people (especially family!) once you put everything out there! Please let me know if you're ever down near Fargo so we can get you some baby cuddles!


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