PICTUREMANIA: The Maternity Episode

I'm not going to throw shade to any other photographers...but mine is DA BOMB DIGGITY.  Seriously, she continues to rock my world with her amazingness and I want to basically do this every time she comes near, sends me photos, gives me goods, or basically gives me any attention...

No joke.

She has spoiled my babes endlessly with her talents and with so many gifts, including the octopi from a few days ago...

...among some other goodies that you will see soon!

She totally gets me and my non-caring attitude towards everything photographic -- meaning she totally gives me orders and tells me what to do -- it's a win, win.  Plus, once you find out someone else is addicted to Gilmore Girls, too, you're basically together for life, right?


You guys.  She literally dressed her daughter up, brought a mini cart, and did a photo shoot at Target.  So, when she said that quadruplets were on her bucket list -- I was ALL IN.

Before I show you the PICTUREMANIA that's about to unfold in front of your eyeballs, let me just set the scene for the first time I went through them:  pumping, by myself, in the middle of the night, and it had been the first day that I was discharged from the hospital.  So many tissues...ugh!

The Maternity Episode
Elsie and Erich tagged along, so in true all-star fashion Taylor immediately put Elsie in a fashionable [Bam-Bam-like] outfit and turned her into an instant C A M E R A  S L U T ...
...and maybe me, too.  She has that effect, OK!

But seriously.  Elsie was REALLY diggin' herself by the end...

Isn't that the greatest?  I am tempted to have that hanging in her room someday to make sure she embraces the gorgeous beauty that she is -- but that's a discussion for another day!  Let PICTUREMANIA BEGIN!!

[Huge thanks to Amy Herian of Nanette's Salon Fargo for fixing me up with "big girl" make-up and hair!  <-- Another top notch gal with an amazing personality if anyone is looking for a fabulous stylist!]

The whole time I was thinking that shouldn't be old enough to play with the camera like that...

...but then she straight up stole the show!

She eventually let us join in...

That mustache...he only has it for a couple weeks each swim season, but it is super raunchy every time...


Finally, in honor of the blog...

Taylor, may you walk into rooms like this for the next million days...

Love you, girl!

Up Soon - PICTUREMANIA: The Birth Episode


  1. Taylor and Amy are THE BEST!!! <3

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful

  3. Gorgeous! How did you fit 4 in that tiny belly?!?!

  4. I realize that life is going 110mph right now, but if there is anything Kenzie and I can bring over to help please let me know. She misses you. 👍

  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Elsie should be gracing the childrens wear runway by five. People would buy the clothes just to see that smile again.


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