NICU Update [Day 21]

Upset that I haven't posted in a while?  I've been doing semi-daily postings on Instagram, so get on there and stalk the quads in all their glory in a more consistent format!

Long story short: I've been prioritizing my time weird lately, beyond being in the NICU.  Here's what I've accomplished since the last posting:
  • Reorganized the "pit" underneath our stairs that is currently housing clothing for our children for the next year of their lives.  Consider it the equivalent of my husband always reorganizing the dishwasher after I've [literally] tossed in various items that I deem dishwasher safe.
  • All of these activities due to the wind chill being above 10 degrees Fahrenheit:
  • Multiple nesting activities, such as cleaning out the bathroom closet and reorganizing all of Elsie's snacks into clear containers, and about 20 other tidbit items that last 20-45 minutes each.  You know, all the activities that should definitely take priority over organizing and cleaning up the nursery...
  • Pumping.  Lots of pumping.
  • Working on guilt-tripping my husband into spending more time at the hospital...then Elsie coughed in his face 5-too-many times.  So, instead of coming to the NICU where he might "contaminate" the babies, he spent a whole day vacuuming, swiffering, and doing the dishes. YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!  HE'S ALL MINE!

  • Itching layers of skin off my body.*  I have FREAKING HIVES EVERYWHERE.  No explanation has been given beyond that it might be hormones...which when your pregnant or postpartum, EVERYTHING gets blamed on hormones.  These things are to the point where I have to shower twice throughout the night, bathe in the 2.5% hydrocortisone that they gave me, and ice when things get unbearable. I just started on oral steroids yesterday, so I'm banking on getting some relief in the next 24-hours!  Check out what is going on with my hand right now for reference:

Needless to say, I was overdue with posting new photos and updates, but now you know the stupid things I've been doing instead.  That's all I can think of on the fly, so let's get one with the babies!

Quad A -- Virgil Erich
Medical Update: Virgil's moved to a CRIB AND has started to bottle feed as of yesterday!  He drank a whopping 24-mls on his first try!

Quad B -- Ruby Bridget

Medical Update: Ruby's transitioning to a crib and should be in one by tomorrow late-afternoon if all goes well!  She's also been bottle feeding, but not as aggressively as his brother.

Quad C -- Jax Aaron
Medical Update: Jax is doing great in his crib and is also bottle feeding!

Turn your sound up!

[Obviously, having Jax in a crib has made him super accessible for videos and photos...]

Quad D -- Kit Jessalyn
Medical Update: Kit is the only one still naked and working on gaining enough weight to start transitioning to a crib, but she started bottle feeding, too!  Also -- some AWESOME news -- Kit had another brain ultrasound and the doctor that looked over her scans did not identify a grade 1 hemorrhage!  It will be rechecked right before she gets discharged so we will celebrate until then!

Next post: I plan to rant about pumping...that is all.

*Yeah, I know this statement was a little unnecessary.  These things have made me just a little irritable and aggressive.  It is what it is.


  1. Some of the videos show that it is private so we cant turn the sound up...there is nothing lol.

  2. Some of the videos show that it is private so we cant turn the sound up...there is nothing lol.

  3. If your itching still bothers you after steroids, try 4percent Lidocaine cream from the pain relief area at Walmart/et.all. It numbs the nerve irritation with many kinds of itching (also can relieve pain, but works the same basic way on itch.) I have a contact celiac rash and survive best with Lidocaine. :-)

  4. Also, the quads look sooooo great! Make sure to come visit SafeKids for help getting all FIVE car seats in really well. Call for an (extended) appointment. Ask for Jody, that's me! :-)


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