NICU Update [Day 13]

Days 10-12 in the NICU are in the books!

Here are some med updates and pictures from the past few days.  We were also on the local news again last night!  Honestly, I kind of forgot that getting some videos of the quads "in action" was an bad.  I'll work on this to give more of an "inside scoop" on all things Quads + NICU.

I can't figure out how to pull the embedded version of the video, so here's the link to the news story if you wanted to catch them in-action!  -->

Quad A -- Virgil Erich
Medical Update: Gaining weight is the only game that Virgil's playing!  He's super active most of the day and usually has at least 1-2 limbs in the he just don't care!  Couldn't help it.  For all my 8th graders reading this:

Is making songs your ringtone still a thing?  If so, bonus points to anyone who does it and proves it to me.**

Anyways, here's Virgil!  He is only on 2 liters of O2, but needs to not have any "fleeters" in order to come down from this.
Length (as of the 18th): 38 cm -- making him the shortest!


I'm downloading the latest from Taylor Jane Photography because she came to visit us in the NICU earlier this week...which is taking awhile.  In the meantime, I'm watching some "I Mom So Hard" episodes.  You all know about them, right?  Women and moms, if you haven't already been exposed -- you're very much welcome and I'm glad I could be this person for you.  Their latest video speaks to my soul and is exactly why I will never publicly expose my make-up routine, beyond my favorite beauty products.***

...and the download is done!  As mentioned, beautiful Taylor did these lovelies:

My dad even joined in the fun...

Quad B -- Ruby Bridget
Medical Update: Ruby was diagnosed with SVT, meaning she "flips" quickly into a higher heart rate (~240-260), which is not great for her tiny little body.  The cardiologist thinks that it is caused by the wall between the heart's arteries and ventricles being too flexible, allowing the blood to just circulate, instead of exiting the heart normally into the body.  No matter the cause, she was put on beta blockers and will be assessed throughout the first year closely -- after a year, they will take her off the meds and see if she still has the same "flip" in her scans.  99% of patients grow out of the condition as the heart's wall continues to become more rigid, so we are hopeful that she's going to be just fine!  Either way, we are extremely lucky to have a great cardiology team explaining this all to us!  Ruby is on only 1 liter of O2, so hopefully, she will be weened from this next week!
Length (as of the 18th): 41 cm -- only 1 cm behind Jax!

From Taylor:

Don't you just want to sneak your hand in there?  Let her creep her hand into yours?  UGH!

Quad C -- Jax Aaron
Medical Update: JAX IS IN CLOTHES!  He is officially transitioning out of the isolate and into a crib!  So far, he's doing great with the temperature difference, which makes sense since he was running hot to the point of having spikes of high heart rate while in the incubator.  We are psyched!  Jax is naked-faced and is on only room air.
Length (as of the 18th): 42 cm -- making him the longest!

From Taylor:
[He was not interested modeling in any way, shape, or form for her...but he was still so gosh darn cute!]

Quad D -- Kit Jessalyn
Medical Update: Kit does have a stage 1 bleed in the white matter of her brain; however, this is OK in babies and isn't cause for concern at this point.  She had a follow-up scan this morning that showed that there has been no change, which means it didn't progress!  All the babes will be rechecked in 2-weeks, so I will keep you posted.  Other than that, our little small fry is gaining weight steadily.  Kit is NAKED-FACED and is doing great on room air so far!
Length (as of the 18th): 38.5 cm

From Taylor:

We also celebrated World Down Syndrome Day**** yesterday as a family!

*Pumping sucks.  I'll be posting about this FUURRR SURE at some point...
**I know you're wondering "how many," because that's always your first question.  Let's just say: Enough to make a significant impact on your final grade.  Think I'm not serious?  Then you'd be right.  I have no jurisdiction over your grades for the remainder of the year at this point...but at least you'll have a sweet jam as your ringtone!  A ringtone change to get a better grade...psh!
***I have been using the same cleanser, lotions, and makeup brand since I was 10.  Why change what isn't broken?  The brand is Jafra and the consultant that I work with is the bee's knees -- Ione -- a.k.a. MY FRICKIN' MOM!  That's right.  I have no shame.  She's so knowledgeable and has worked with many a girl/woman and helped them find what works with their skin type and skin care routine commitment level.  On a scale of 1-5 (5 being super committed), I would say I'm at a 1.5.  She knows how to work with that!  Here's her contact info/site if you are interested in learning more:
****Mor information: