Hospital Update [Day 6]

If you've been reading the blog since the beginning, you'll appreciate the incorporation of the nicknames into the new diagram of the positions:

How hilarious is that!?  If you compare it to Tuesday's diagram you'll see how much we've made them mad by monitoring the last 6 days:

So, needless to say they are still active, awesome, and healthy!

Here are some updated pictures:

Quad A -- "The Favorite"
Still a no-go on getting good profiles while it's in the depths...

Quad B -- "The Inmate"
Surprisingly, has halfways behaved for monitoring.  However, the position diagram helps shows how much Quad B has moved to the can definitely tell that my stomach has shifted to the left just a tish...

It's just kind of not OK.

Here's a ultrasound profile to make up for the visual I probably just caused you -- sorry.

It has its hand in front of its mouth -- no platypus/duck lip pictures...yet.

Quad C -- "The Model"
Seriously.  This kid is such a camera slut it's ridiculous.  Here is the outpouring of material we gained just from a 15-minute "photo shoot" session:

I had to watch that a few times to not be so horrified...

...but then guess what's happening in this photo:


I just can't look away.  
Even when I try to focus on the chubby cheeks, my eye keeps going back to that eye...

Here's something to help get your mind off of that spine-chilling image:

Remember when we claimed that Quad C should now be referred to as "The Plus-size Model" now?  Here are the adorable pug-like fat rolls to prove it!

Quad D -- "The Gymnast"
Nothing too exciting here to report!  We will have another growth scan next week for this one, so I'm excited to see how much weight our pipsqueak can pack on!

Speaking of weight, I've dropped over 5 pounds as of tonight since being in hospital jail.  I'm not psyched about it, and I'm hoping to add it to the list of reasons why I should be able to go home and be on "bed rest."  I have a list built up -- *FINGERS CROSSED* -- including that I stinkin' miss bug.  She now points at phones and cries for "Mama!"  No doctor would overlook that detail, right?


  1. Just be careful with your bedrest! You got this! Doing great keeping all 4 in there!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  2. I'm enjoying your posts, but missing you at Sheyenne. Keep up the good work, Mama!


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