Hospital Update [Day 5]

I haven't entered a black hole of dark, dark boredom...YET.

My procrastination skills regarding my lesson plans have ensured that...and my subsequent avoidance of completing my lesson plans have given me plenty of to-do items to complete in the meantime!

Good thing my kind, beautiful long-term sub spoils me with patience!*  She's the best!  ...and she doesn't yell at me or judge me [at least to my face] for being a mess.

Other distractions include the lovely nurses -- who deserve about 500 heart pizzas -- making me laugh throughout the day, pretty friends coming to visit, the consistent and wonderful check-ins from everyone giving us positive vibes, and ELSIE!

Sure, she now thinks that I live in a phone, but I'm cool with that.

I didn't get to see her in-the-flesh yesterday, but we did video chat for about 3 hours total throughout the day -- here are some of the highlights:

Her shirt was tucked into her pants...then she found a string...and finally got distracted by her belly button.
Toddler thought processes are fascinating!

Excuse me while my heart explodes.

This one is officially my FAVORITE of this whole adventure!  Erich let her wander around with the phone, so she threw on a hat and led me around talking about the dogs, blueberries, etc.  I countered with some views of the snowy streets below and read a couple books.
This may or may not be how we communicate when I'm trapped downstairs with the babes, because I. LOVED. IT.

Today, Elsie worked me into her busy Saturday schedule and *BONUS* my IV line didn't catch her eye, so I was able to score some physical touch!  Bug is one of those unique butterflies of a toddler that doesn't appreciate the magic of a bandaid...she immediately says "EW!" and starts to poke it with neighboring objects.**

How does she still fit on my lap you ask?  She SHOVES HER TINY BODY INTO MY BODY. 

Eating cookies while taking a break from watching helicopters land at the hospital.

Having her run around the hospital has been super entertaining and I've moved enough to make my feet smell.  #GOALS

Before I go, can I just let you in to my current situation that my husband just told me that he didn't really like guacamole until he tasted mine, which was super sexy to me...but then he backed it up with his factoid that if you make food hot enough it will kill anything that may have developed in the past 2 weeks.***  Somehow "hot lava" was brought into the conversation.

Question: If old eggy nachos [that I cooked many moons ago] kill my husband would it be categorized such that I could still collect his life insurance payout?

Using a glowstick to poke the bandaid on my finger...
***His goal is to clean out the fridge while I'm away.  Did I say he had to eat all of the food to clear it out?  Nope.  Whatever.