Happy Patty's Day! & NICU Update

Here's just a quick update and a few pictures of every one!

Stay tuned for PICTUREMANIA that I'll hopefully get posted tomorrow!

Hopefully, this will tide you over!

Quad A -- Virgil Erich
Med Update: Virgil is being watched for some minor apnea, but is "acting his age," according to the doctor -- so, we are not worried.
Current Weight: 3 lbs. 0 oz.

Day 8:

Quad B -- Ruby Bridget
Med Update: Ruby is currently being tested for infant SVT.  She flips pretty quick into a high heart rate (~220-240) and has done this a few times, so the cardiologist is currently looking at her scans to make an official diagnosis.  She would go on beta blockers if diagnosed, but this is her only hold-up so far!
Current Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.

Day 8: 

Quad C -- Jax Aaron
Med Update: Jax is in the same boat as Ruby for infant SVT testing, but doesn't "flip" like she does; instead he progresses into a higher heart rate (~210) and goes back down immediately.  The cardiologist is also looking at his scans.
Current Weight: 3 lbs. 6 oz.

Day 8:


Quad D -- Kit Jessalyn
Med Update: Kit is currently focused on getting her weight up, but is doing great!  She has been gaining weight steadily until 2 days ago when she lost 70 grams...then gained 70 grams back the next day!  So, consistency is her issue -- just like her mama!
Current Weight: 2 lbs. 6 oz.

Day 8: 

[Day 9]

My older seester created this masterpiece of a leprechaun hat for Elsie since she was born a month before St. Patty's Day, so we've turned it into an annual tradition for as long as it fits.
Unfortunately, as I've pointed out previously, my two-year-old is now GIGANTOR so she no longer gets to sport it.  So, the quads are now the rightful heirs to the "crown" and will carry on the tradition!


He's giving me a similar look to my Jack Russell [Jack] when I put on his pirate hat...




With all the uneasiness and scheduling of echos and EKG tests, I didn't get to get a ton of baby cuddling in today.  I strapped on Jax and kept him hunkered down for the long-haul.  It made me realize that he's moving past the milestone of fitting into my bra!