Whelp, we're in the hospital...

...but don't get too excited!  They have NO CLUE on when the babes will make the decision that it's go-time.  It could be tonight, tomorrow, next week, or weeks from now...which is a SUPER fun game to play!  

Is there a way to set up an electronic betting pool?  LEGALLY?  

Someone get on this!

In the meantime, here's the short & sweet version of the play-by-play:

1. I lost something that pregnant women lose that would show signs that their body is priming to have their baby/babies yesterday morning.  <-- Any further detail would lead to unnecessary, disgusting Google image searches. The pregnant or have-been-pregnant women in the house know exactly what I'm talking about.  Remember I have middle-schoolers reading this sucker!

2. This prompted the pros in-charge asking me to come in for a check, which led to me learning what a contraction actually felt like and learning that I had been probably having them for 2-3 weeks...whoops!  Oh, and that I was 3 cm dilated and may have been for a week or more...

Way to totally betray me, BODY O' MINE.
...I thought it was just a whole 4-babies in my uterus feeling for both, but NOPE.

3. So, they started me on some meds to try slow things down and help the babies in case it all escalated out-of-control into "Labor Land," including *duh, duh, duh* magnesium sulfate.*

The initial dosage is like something you would think was mixed with high doses of the black plague.  


[Where my motion sickness crew at?] It's like flying into Denver International Aiport during gale force winds X's 1,000!**

Then, they calm it down to a "maintenance dose" that was like a 24-hour SUPER BAD Benedril trip combined with the flu -- weak body, double vision, loss of will to do anything beyond listening to people or the tv.  

You get it.  I was a pile.

4. I have since been off the nasty, plague meds for about 9 hours now and definitely feel like myself! I downed a grilled cheese, did some stretchy yoga, and had the BEST SHOWER EVER.

 Erich if you're reading this before my text, don't forget shampoo and conditioner!  Also, pay attention to my texts!  
*kissy-face winking emoji*

As I recovered from the Mg, my view through the afternoon wasn't very exciting...

I hadn't eaten since Monday night, so this was delicious, but in NO RIGHT MIND WOULD A PICKLE BE NECESSARY. 
5. Labor signs are now slowing down, except for contractions (very minor) so now I'm just enjoying getting to see the babies and drop in on them more often.  Please enjoy some updates, since the "real deal in-the-wild babies" are in their own "inside" homes to stay indefinitely!

Seriously.  They have no idea.  The babes are calling all the shots and I've lost all control!  Can't even write the check for daycare or make sure the dogs' fingernails are at an acceptable length for anyone coming over to cover feedings...

...this is where my head is at!  So, let's talk BABIES!

Here are their current positions, according to one of the best ultrasound technicians on planet Earth, with accessories added by another who cannot be matched in kindness nor beautiful hair:

Don't read into them too much (especially the teeth!), beyond Quad C's stomach -- C still dominates the space and is the heavyweight competitor compared to the rest!
Quad A -- "The Favorite"
Has now migrated south and is refusing to show its face.  We've learned to pick our battles.  Plus, the technician took mercy on me since I had to pee...

Quad B -- "The Inmate"
So, ever four hours the sweet nurses had to come into monitor these monsters for 30-minutes with all 4 separate heartbeats evident.***  Here's what the setup looks like when all are compliant and the nurse, backup nurses, and I don't have to hold the monitors:

You can guess who has initiated a competition for who can be the most difficult...

Quad B just wants out...

Quad C -- "The Model"
This kid cannot be more of a camera slut.

Quad D -- "The Gymnast"
Second in line for most difficult.  Lucky you're cute.

Basically, we are just "on watch."  I'm here at the hospital for at least the next week, according to the last report from the specialist.  You know what this means?  More opportunity to try out some Instagram live stuff and write random posts about my thoughts, updates, and all things that could potentially curb my boredom!  

Win-win for both of us, right?  

*The medical skinny: It helps with the babes' brains and can slow down contractions.

**My husband has witnessed me down-for-the-count once at this airport during high winds and it was a head-between-the-knees-refusing-to-move-to-board-our-connecting-flight-kind of situation.

***I am convinced that I need to drop my toddler off with one of these lovely ladies to show her how to gently wake someone up when they need attention -- NURSES ARE PROS.


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