Ultrasound Adventures Update

To kick off this post, I must admit that I've been binge watching Parks and Recreation while laying around at night waiting for my husband to get home.  I have no shame nor regrets.

This gem of a clip (see below) played on an episode yesterday and was HILARIOUS in our given situation!  Also, I must say a warning spoiler alert for those that haven't seen this episode that aired in 2014 and would get upset.

*Insert Judgement Here*

Good stuff, eh?  Only made me panic a tish...

Anyways, our latest ultrasound was attempting to complete echos on the babes' hearts before things go too cramped.  It's a more tedious task that involves the incredibly patient ultrasound technician trying to zoom in on specific valves and track how fast the blood is flowing, etc.

This "downtime" gave us a chance to chat and just sit back and watch the babes in their natural habitat, so we had a little fun.  Meet the Fargo Quads line-up:

Baby A: "The Favorite"

Immediately starts our ultrasounds off on the right foot by being calm and collected, unless a sibling is messing with it**.  Doesn't hit, shove, or mess with my insides...yet.  This nickname is bound to change, so I'll let it live it up for the time being.

[Location: Bottom of the womb*]

Baby A whispering sweet nothings to Baby B:

Baby B: "The Inmate"

Won't comply with any ultrasound checklist items and is super squirmy the entire time.  We hate to place a negative label on such a cute, unborn infant, but we witness it flat out punching Baby A in protest -- see below.

[Location: Right side of the womb]

Baby B punching Baby A:

Baby C: "The Model"

Flawless profile pictures every ultrasound and obedient to all ultrasound checklist demands.  We are hoping this babe will be successful enough out of the womb to pay for their own college and a nice retirement lake home for Mom and Dad.

[Location: Top of the womb]


Baby C petting my insides:

Baby D: "The Gymnast"

Never still and the most active by far that I can feel!  My only protest is that it seems to stretch out frequently causing me to have to contort my body awkwardly in professional settings.

[Location: Left side of the womb]

Baby D doing a fist pump:

All are happy and healthy!  I'm getting slower day-by-day and I'll give an update on this in the near future.  In a nutshell: Stairs are still my nemesis, my students are proving that they are fantastic human beings who don't judge my constant usage of a rolling chair, and my husband is doing surviving my increasing demands!

*I apologize to all those that find the word "womb" disturbing.  There really isn't a great alternative.  Plus, I know that it gets my little sister a little on-edge and squirmy when I use the fancy terms.

**I am sworn to secrecy on the genders, so I'm forced to use "it" when talking about the babes.  Sorry not sorry!


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