Pregnancy Plot Twist


We are expecting quadruplets.

Telling people this news does not bring the same level of excitement and congratulations that a "normal" pregnancy does.  When telling people we were pregnant with our daughter, the conversation circled around our level of joy, the due date, picking a name, and daycare plans.

When telling people we are pregnant with quadruplets, the same conversation topics apply; however, slight adjustments to the intensity are made:
  • People are more scared for us, they think we're joking, and there is a lot more cussing involved versus squeals of joy.  
  • The due date is now irrelevant, and instead timelines for bed rest, risk of preterm labor, my impending induction, and an inevitable NICU stay are discussed.  
  • Names?  Who has time for names?  In total, we have to pick out 16 names - 4 first and middle names for both genders - in-case the gender reading ultrasound is wrong. 
  • Putting 5 children in daycare is out of the question.  Enough said.  So, instead they talk about who will stay home, the hit our budget will take, and the cost of all the see where I'm going.
Also, questions and comments come out of people's mouths like word vomit.  As a middle school teacher, I'm used to this and can appreciate the creativity required to think of some of these gems.  Here's a glimpse at a handful of these awkward questions and comments, along with the very candid answers I wanted to give.  I won't bore you with the "North Dakota nice" vanilla answers I gave.

"You're going to be able to fit 4 babies in there?" 

My house, car, or body...all are on the table here as being questionable.

"What if all 4 cry at the same time?" 

You mean 6, right?  Because if all 4 babies are crying, our toddler daughter will cry, too.  Oh, and don't forget I'll be crying without a doubt.  Sorry to math-splain that to you, but facts are facts.

"Was it natural?" 

Don't give my husband that much credit...also, not a chance.*

"Is this what you were going for?" 

Are you trying to put me on the same level as Octomom!?  What stable person would have this goal in mind?  I get that some people want a big family, but this would be an aggressive way to accomplish this goal, 

"Are you ready?"

For the baby-pocalypse?  Anything I say at this point is a flat out lie to myself to feel better about the planning process.

*SHOUT OUT to my Dad for making a to-do list and a spreadsheet timeline!*

To husband, Erich: "Is she getting humongous?"  

This is where he tells them that I am not huge, but I get winded going up the stairs.
My husband, everyone!  Can't you just lie and say that I'm freaking glowing and growing in all the right places?!

"Congratulations...I think?" 
(Overwhelmingly a crowd fave.)

I mean...this is happening with or without our permission, so why not celebrate?  We crossed our fingers for too many months to not be ecstatic that another baby is in the cards...but there just happens to be a super ginormous plot twist!

Overall, I'm OK with whatever people say.  Honesty comes easy to me and sarcastic bluntness close behind, so ask away!  I've taken all questions with the understanding that people are curious and the majority mean well in what they are asking, so why not entertain?  Hence, this blog!

Hope you enjoy the spin I put on our "situation" and that you appreciate it for either tips/tricks to deal with multiples, a good horror story or two to settle your nerves if you only have a couple kiddos, and/or a solid time kill that may or may not entertain you! 😉


*I will post on this later!


  1. Let me know if you want help with names... Always happy to offer opinions, brainstorming, statistics... honestly, to me naming quadruplets is ridiculously exciting lol

  2. If you're looking for a name with historical ties and deep meaning, there's nowhere better to look than your own family tree. If you don't have ideas, Girly Names can help you to find.


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